International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab (ISBOP-2)
  1. After the successful conclusion of the 1st round of the International Seminar on Business Opportunities in Punjab (ISBOP), held in November 2015, we are holding its second round from 12-13 April, 2017 at the Lahore Expo Centre. A mega Expo will run up to 14th April. As a consequence of the 1st round, positive and robust momentum was created which unleashed enormous business opportunities in Punjab. In the past one year, significant investments, in public and private sectors have flowed in various sectors such as infrastructure, energy, industrial zones, manufacturing, real estate, IT and transport.
  2. We believe that with great improvement in security environment, democratic consolidation, liberal and progressive economic policies, Pakistan is fast emerging as one of the Asian giants. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and development of Gawadar as a deep-sea port have been a salutary effect on Pakistan’s growth trajectory. Chinese commitment of investment of more than US $ 51 billion dollars has played an instrumental role in mitigating Pakistan’s energy crisis and help support its development goals.
  3. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lauding Pakistan’s economic turnaround has called it “Pakistan’s moment of opportunity.” Pakistan Stock Exchange has emerged as a leading market in Asia as well as in the world.
  4. Pakistan government is setting up power projects in hydel, coal, LNG and would be able to eliminate the power shortages from the country by the end of 2017.
  5. The province of Punjab under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, is now at the epicenter or dynamic and sustained growth and development. On the cusp of these developments, Punjab has introduced far-reaching regulatory reforms and built vibrant infrastructure to cater to the needs of rapidly growing economic process. Some of the inherent strengths of Punjab include: (a) a demographic dividend of over 100 million people, (b) Over 160 billion dollars GDP, being larger than that of many European countries, (c) a road and rail network stretching across the entire province, (d) internationally-recognized universities, (e) ingenuity of its hard working people, (f) and its geo-strategic location.
  6. Punjab prides to be known for its good governance and transparency. It is the first to introduce a (a) mass transit metro system, (b) a 1,000 megawatt Solar Power park, (c) Safe city project (d) paved rural roads facilitating farm to market access of agri products (e) clean drinking water (Saafpani Project), (f) world class Knowledge Park (Lahore Knowledge Park), (g) wide- ranging regulatory reforms that helped expand investment, and (h) social reforms consistent with the EU conventions, etc.
  7. The 2nd ISBOP will be attended by some major global entrepreneurs, private equity funds, investment houses, policy-makers, financial institutions, chambers, and decision-makers. While not excluding any sector, thematic focus of 2nd ISBOP will be:
    (a) Agriculture (covering agriculture sector in its broadest terms including agro-based industry)
    (b) Manufacturing (including reviving sick units and possible merger and acquisitions of manufacturing assets)
    (c) Mines and Minerals
    (d) Outsourcing selected Social Sectors Services (such as waste management, hospital services, tourism services)
  8. On the sidelines of the Seminar, will be arranged B2B and G2G meetings. Online registration will be available.
  9. The organizers are in touch with leading hotels to arrange concessional rates for the delegates.
  10. We look forward to welcoming foreign firms interested in availing many business opportunities and investing in Punjab at this very propitious moment of its development.

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